“I’ve never seen the ocean before”-was a beautiful remark made by one of our Club Teens pulling up to Shavehead Lake. Many of our Club kids do not have the opportunity to leave Goshen’s city limits, so a trip to a sparkling lake was an ocean in her eyes.

Lake Day

A day on the lake thanks to Genesis Products was an incredible treat for 30 excitable Club members.

They were treated to a day of boating, tubing, paddle boating, swimming and even a 50-foot water slide dropping directly into the lake. An endless barbeque topped off the day’s adventures.

Many of the kids at the Boys & Girls Club of Goshen face severe familial stresses; being able to give them an experience to ‘be a kid’ was a highlight that they won’t soon forget. What may seem simple to many, was an opportunity to take our kids to the ‘ocean’.