The Boys & Girls Club of Goshen is blessed to have forest acreage at the Showalter Cabin located just down the street from our Club building. Overnight Camping is truly a coveted experience by all of our Club kids.

Camping at the Boys & Girls Club Cabin On a 2014 overnight camping trip, Club members learned to hike, pitch a tent, build a fire and then cook their meals over an open flame. Educational nature and bonding games kept kids engaged all night long.

One little girl, as she pitched her tent, looked up at our Club staff and said, “I’ve never slept outside before because I wanted to — only when my family was homeless.”

Our Club staff is a second family to those kids who need us most; our camping experience allows our Staff to forge an everlasting and reliable bond with kids, many of whom have unstable or tumultuous lives outside of the Club walls. Camp Showalter is a place to learn, grow, bond, create and discover the breathtaking views of nature.